Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tony Blair at the Annual Lord Mayor's Banquet

T.B. is looking really giddy. So this is where he makes his main foreign policy speech of the year. Damn, he's so suave and charming. Why can't we have a leader like him?

"There is only one superpower in the world, and we are a strong ally of it."

"The world is more interdependant than ever."

60 million people live in Britain.

He's talking a lot about America.

"I'm not saying America does not make mistakes; does not in its insularity of thinking sometimes seem obstinate to the concerns of the rest of the world."

insularity of thinking is a good phrase

"We are not fighting with America in Iraq because we are their allies. We are their allies because we believe that their fight against terrorism is our fight too; because if they fail, we fail; because their way of life and ours is lit by the same light of freedom, the same love of democracy, the same fellowship of reason."

That is some great rhetoric there. "Fellowship of reason" is another great phrase.

Tony Blair is so clear headed. The things he says actually make sense, and he doesn't appeal to over-simplified ideas about good and evil.

"we are not subverting our country either into an American poodle or a European municipality, we are advancing the British national interest in a changed world in the early 21st century." - i.e. I am not George Bush's bitch.

That speech was good. I liked it. You can look at the transcript here.

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