Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Panel on the Ukrainian Presidential Election

(this show is already in progress)

This looks really boring. This is going to give that tax reform panel a run for its money.

This guy asking a question is wearing an orange tie. I would have recommended against that. What's done is done, but next time... He just used the phrase "diplomatic capital." And remember when Bush said that the election had given him "political capital?" It's a good concept. Like, imagine if I grew a pony tail before hanging out with my girlfriend's family. That's like "negative social capital." But it could be good, because I would have to work harder to get into good standing with them, like going to law school or something. Ponytails are like the "ankle weights" of social capital. Because then when you chop it off you still have your law degree, so it's like you have bonus capital that you don't really need anymore. Then you can use that capital for whatever you want, like wearing a hockey jersey to the opera or something.

Jennifer Windsor, Exec. Dir. of the Freedom House, is telling it like it is.

There's only five minutes left in this show. Oh how I wish it would never end.

Some guy just asked how much religious values played a role in the Ukrainian election. Which makes me think, when you have everyone all over the world with all their religious values, and the world is becoming more and more interrelated, I think that religions that claim to be the "only true way" are bound to slowly lose ground. The more contact you have with people of different faiths, the more cosmopolitan you become. It's inevitable. It's the same way with foods. When you are little you think pizza is the best food in the world. But then eventually you try General Tso's chicken, and you realize that is pretty good too. Next thing you know you're at a food court eating Mongolian Barbecue and a chili dog and washing it down with rice milk with boba. Of course there are going to be 60 year old people who still swear that pizza is the one and only god, but there are going to be more people that realize that each storefront at the food court is a different path to the same place.

I'm at 4.28 miles.


Sam Well said...

You're completely right: so much of dating is about gaining relationship capital. If one person happens to be much better looking or wealthier the other has to work his/her ass off to make up that ground. All the gift-giving, big-night-outing, and surprise generosities of relationships are just hard scratch efforts to get into the black - or at least get out of the red.
But isn't the Ukrainian election in fact important? And isn't the capitol (speaking of!) of Ukraine Minsk?

Anonymous said...

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