Tuesday, November 23, 2004

11/23 Open Phones

Connie Doebele is the name of this host! Whew, I thought I would never find out. C-span is the worst about showing the names of these Washington Journal hosts.

Someone just called in to give web sites about the Ohio recount and 2004 voting issues:



Keith Olberman's Blog

She said Olberman is the only person in the mass media talking about this stuff. So props to him and his ESPN roots.

Another lady just called in to complain about some talk show host calling Condi RIce "Aunt Jamima." Wow, and it was a "liberal" talk show host. I didn't see that coming. Here's the the story.

Connie just mentioned this story at USA today about Americans' access to high speed internet. I think those statistics are really interesting. 1 in 4 white people have broadband internet at home, compared to 1 in 7 black people and 1 in 8 latinos. For all Americans, it's 1 in 5.

Ok, so imagine that once a week, every adult in the US has to look up a number in the phone book. Let's say for people with broadband internet this takes 1 minute, and for people without broadband internet this takes 3 minutes. That's 2 extra minutes a week for 80 % of the adult population in the US. So that's 104 wasted minutes per year (2 x 52) per person. If there are 240 million adults in the US, that's 200 million that don't have the internet, so a total of 21 billion wasted minutes every year (104 x 200 million), or 39,000 years. 39,000 years of people's time! Wasted every year using the yellow pages because they don't have access to the internet!

Of course the other side of the coin is time wasted while surfing the internet. So you can probably disregard that whole point.

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