Tuesday, November 30, 2004

11/30 Ode to New Jersey #3

I was away for the holidays, but now I'm back in the saddle. I just finished watching the end of Tom Ridge's resignation speech, that was pretty boring. Although he did say that he was looking forward to going to his son's rugby games, so good for him.

Ode to New Jersey #3

Oh New Jersey,
how unfair that people make fun of your pollution,
while you are manufacturing stuff
to make their lives better.
That would be like if I was building stuff for people in my room,
and people made fun of all the smoke in the air,
and the soot on the walls,
even though I was building them cool stuff.
"Why is it so smoggy in here?"
they would say,
as I handed them a brand new toaster or a bagel slicer.
Plus, there would still be plenty of beautiful places in my room,
just like the flowing rivers and emerald forests
that glimmer just beyond eyeshot
of your glorious highways.
Oh New Jersey,
you are the Jesus of states,
looking down with love on the people who curse you
while you lie on the cross,
dreaming of manufacturing compassion,
while they hammer nails into your tollbooths.

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