Wednesday, November 17, 2004

11/17 Washington Journal

I'm trying to decide whether to expand my comments to channels other than c-span. On the one hand, that would seem to betray the moniker "c-spantastic", but on the other hand, I feel like it would broaden my audience. Today I will stick with c-span I guess.

Right now is call-in time for people to discuss the efforts of Republicans to protect Tom DeLay.

This article from "The Hill" gives the details.

Even the republicans calling in are saying that they don't think DeLay should be protected. Niiice.

Someone from California just called DeLay a piss-ant politician.

Oh my god. Some kid just called up and said that Bush hasn't done anything right and that he doesn't want to go to war, and the next caller, from North Carolina, called the kid a "coward" for not wanting to defend his country.

The next caller, from Oklahoma, thinks DeLay should be able to stay in power even if he goes to jail, because he's a "good ol' right wing Christian."

The woman hosting this doesn't even know why DeLay might be indicted. I don't, but I'm not a host on c-span. Where is Brian Lamb?

This is the Washington Post article about the matter.

A man who claims to be a "huge Tom DeLay fan" just said he thinks DeLay should step down if that's what the rules say.

--- update from Vaugh Ververs -----

First of all, awesome name. So this guy edits "The Hotline" a daily politics update at the National Journal. But you have to subscribe to see the hotline online. That's no fun.

That's it for the double V, I didn't really hear what he was talking about.

--- other news ----

Putin says Russia is developing a new kind of nuclear missile. Awesome!

--- clip of Jean-David Levitte ---

He's the French Ambassador to the US. His accent couldn't be Frencher.

--- Philip Webster, London Times Political Ed. is on the line ---

He's talking about how Chirac said that the British/Blair haven't gotten anything out of siding with the US over Iraq. He just talked abouit how people in Europe are weary of Rice because they know she probably won't ever disagree with Bush, unlike Powell.

--- stuff about CIA shake down ---

The host lady is reading this article from the Washington times.

Texas says that it's good to so some housecleaning and get rid of the "backstabbing Clinton holdovers." hahahh. He also said they should change the rules for DeLay, because they can "indict a ham sandwich." hahah.

Now Illinois is asking whether Condi really did accidentally refer to Bush as her husband a while ago. That's worth looking into. Wow, it looks like she did .

Awesome. Florida just called in to defend the kid who was afraid of war, saying, "I hope we all tremble at the thought of war." God bless that man.

(By the way, I'm going to start referring to caller by the state or city they come from)

Awesome, Jersey just pointed out that the CIA doesn't work for the President, the CIA works for the people of the US.

Some guy just called in and they cut him off, saying wait 30 days between calls. I can't wait to get to know the different eccentric people that call in.

Ok, Tampa is kind of incoherent, so that will do it for the 7 oclock hour. I'm at 2.34 miles.

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