Tuesday, November 23, 2004

11/23 Washington Journal, Dr. Stephen Galson, FDA dude

Vaughn Ververs in the piece. Nevermind, he's done.

Here we go, Dr. Stephen Galson, acting Director of the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation & Research, is freestyling. Isn't it kind of strange that these FDA people keep on dressing up in military uniforms?

Wow, this guy just said that the FDA guy who testified last week was "totally wrong." Which just seems really defensive to me, like this guy has been told to do damage control.

Yeah Jersey!! This Jersey caller is just tearing up the hizzy, this is amazing. He's defending the doctor that Steve-bo was saying is totally wrong.

It's interesting to watch guests flinch at the exact moment they realize the caller is tearing them a new one.

Someone should call up and ask Dr. Galson whether Vioxx caused his sideburn hair to fall out, and if not, where are his sideburns.

A Virginia caller just asked why drugs with proven negative effects are released while marijuana, which has no negative effects, is still illegal. Steve-bo just said that "all drugs have negative effects." What a cop-out.

This is starting to get painfully boring. It's making me want some Vioxx.

New Hampshah just called in and complained about how Steve-bo used the term "folks" when he was talking about meeting with people from the drug industry. At first he just shrugged off the question ("I'm a friendly kind of guy"), and I was going to complain, but now he's going back to the question. Props to him.

He just said that better drug safety would require more funding for independant testing. "The two biggest funders of drug testing are the drug industry and the government." So that seems like it's one of the major factors in this whole discussion.

Wow, this guy has a public health degree from Harvard. So he's got the credentials, he just doesn't have the go-get-em attitude like he's going to go kick some drug industry ass in order to defend consumers.

Oooh, the host just asked about the military uniform. He said public health officers are a uniformed corps, or something like that. Blah.

Ouch, this California caller just said that Steve-bo has a "smart alecky smirk" that makes it look like he thinks all the callers are wrong. Now I kind of feel bad for him. "Thank you for the pointer about my television work." So he handled that pretty gracefully.

I think the military uniform just adds to people's expections that this guy is going to kick some drug industry ass, and that he shouldn't be calling people "folks" or smiling while people are asking him tough questions. In my opinion, the FDA's primary spin focus should be showing the American people that they aren't in bed with the drug industry; they shouldn't be wasting bullets trying to defend themselves against the criticisms of that Dr. (Graham) criticizing them from within their own ranks. People appreciate that guy's balls, speaking out against his own bosses and the drug industry, calling it like he sees it, so it's just bad public relations for the FDA to criticize that guy.

Ok, this is so boring my eyeballs are stinging. Ok, I think that's done.

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