Monday, November 15, 2004

Max Frankel and Dennis Ross

Max Frankel - I don't know much about jfk and his presidency, so this should be pretty informative. This guys upper lip looks like a mustache, even though he doesn't have one. Interesting. I like the phrase "balance of perception."

I just got a phone call so I missed the end of his speech. Whaps.

Dennis Ross - I think this guy was one of the head negotiators in the Palestine Israel talks under Clinton. I think I remember Clinton referring to him in "My Life."

"The measure of diplomacy isn't just what you achieve but what your prevent." that's a pretty good line by ross.

Frankel is talking about Bush's lack of introspection, and saying again that leaders need to be able to cross-examine the intelligence and information that is given to them.

Ross is talking about Palestinian corruption. I wonder what the best way is to root out corruption in an organization.

"It's not enough to be strong. It's not enough to have courage. You also have to be wise." another good line by Ross.

Max Frankel used to be a white house correspondant, covering Johnson.

That's the end of the discussion. Coming up next is Donna Brazile and David Brooks, that should be a pretty interesting comparison of opinions.

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