Monday, November 22, 2004

and...I'm spent

I am itching all over. I just discovered that I am allergic to the fabric softener that I've been using (Stop 'N Shop 'Pure Softness' Mountain Scent). At least I'm pretty sure that is what is causing me to uncontrollably itch my entire body.

And I got all sweaty while sprinting during the milling after Conrad's speech, and the sweat aggrevated the itchiness.

McCain, in his speech in New Hampshah just said the common bond of Americans is "faith in the principles of liberty and equality under the law," which is true, except he forgot to say "except for gays." I have a big problem with people who mention liberty and equality in America and forget to mention "but not for gay people." If you leave that out then gay people are going to get the impression that they too deserve the same rights as straight people. We all know that the rights of two people in a hateful, abusive hetorosexual marriage should be more sacred than those of two people in a respectful, loving homosexual relationship.

Ok, so that's the end of McCains speech and I think that will be it for me today. We'll see.

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