Tuesday, November 23, 2004

11/23 Sprint and Ode to New Jersey #2

First the sprint, this morning I'm going to go .15 miles at 8 miles an hour...

Niiice, that was more challening then yesterday's starting sprint.

Ode to New Jersey #2

Oh New Jersey, your population is the densest in the Union,
but the census can't measure soul per square mile,
and if they could, you would win.
You would win like Jersey Bagels
in a national bagel tasting contest,
like Bruce Springsteen
in a singing contest,
like Bon Jovi
in a tool bag contest.
I take that back,
because what do we Jerseyan's have,
if not the brotherhood
of being made fun of.
"New Jersey is the armpit of the nation,"
people tell us,
and us Jerseyites must bear that cross together,
like a middle schooler
wearing Z. Cavaricci's in 1993,
like an Italian wearing a gold chain
on his way to Obsessions Nite Club in Randolph.
I take it back Mr. Jovi,
I take it all back.


HAhahahhah, the host on Washington Journal just thought that a caller was saying that you could buy a Molitov cocktail at airport duty free shops. Hahahah, "I love a good Molitov Cocktail but the tax is ridiculous, it's just not worth it anymore."

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