Friday, November 12, 2004

Brian Lamb is the best

"What does it mean to short the Euro?"

I love it when B.L. asks questions like this so that the uninitiated can keep up. He's looking out for the regular people like you and me. And even if you already know the answer to the question he asked, it's a chance to get back to the basics. You can't beat it.

Reynolds has a little bit of a snarl in his upper lip. A little bit of Elvis going on there. He definitely looks more suave on tv than he does in his hi res picture at the cato site.

Reynolds just used the term "Ponzi scheme." Which is a great name for a band I think. Also, before I forget, I think there should be a socially conscious rapper called Philly Busta. Or maybe, during a freestyle posse session, if the next rapper in line to grab the mic is wack, and so the rapper before him/her just keeps on rapping so that the wack rapper doesn't get a turn, that could be called Phillybusting.

I'm at 4.38 miles.

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