Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Scott McClellan 11/17

He's the White House Press Secretary.

I can't understand what this Indian reporter guy is saying. Maybe it's the noise of the treadmill.

I feel like I get nothing out of these press secretary conferences. McClellan might as well go up there and do armpit farts for an hour. What's the point of press conferences if you don't say anything new? Isn't that why you have them?

Now my knee is starting to hurt more.

Some old press guy named Les just mentioned Bill Clinton and "porngate." Here he is!

OOoh, that reporter is really cute. I wonder who that is.

Some guy with a bow-tie.

Scott McClellan's tie is glowing. It looks like it's radioactive.

Press guy Jeff with a shaved head. He is pissed that soldiers have to worry about being followed by embedded reporters.

It almost seems like some of these reporters know they aren't going to get anything new out of Scotty, so they just use their questions to make a point while on camera. They've given up on getting a scoop so they settle for the spotlight.

15.1 miles. yeah baby!

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