Tuesday, November 16, 2004

more on 529's

ok nice, back in the saddle. Richard Davis, from the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority, is on the mic. He's the Deputy Executive Director. How does that work, when you add words like that to Director. "Deputy" takes you down a notch I think, but I'm not sure about "executive."

Next up, Dan McNeela, senior analyst at Morningstar. Monotone-tastic. These people are like the all-madden team of boring people. Whoa. He just used the term "knuckle-sandwich." I take back everything I said, Dan has my full support. Wow, his shoulders are huge. This guy has the head of an analyst but the body of a line-backer. Or at least the blazer of a linebacker.

Ok, forget this, I'm switching over to c-span 1. Now I'm at .24 miles, so 4.73 for the day.

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