Friday, November 12, 2004

random notes

The woman who just called in referred to Grover Norquist, and the closed captioning typed it out as "Grover Nor Exist." It's not really funny, granted, but there is something there I think.

One fun game is to imagine that pundits that are only shown from the ribs up are wearing zubaz pants. Right now I am imagining that Allan Sloan is wearing these.

It's also funny to imagine the difference between different zubaz team colors. For example, if Allan Sloan was wearing New York Jets zubaz, that's a whole different flavor than if he was wearing Cincinatti Bengals zubaz.

I've gone 2.64 miles now, and in my minds eye Allan Sloan is using fingernail clippers to turn his Colts zubaz into cut-offs. He's stuffing the bottoms into his pockets in case he wants to use them as leg warmers later.

They just went over the numbers on the national debt. It's 7.5 trillion dollars, or about 25,000 dollars per person in the US. So when you consider that, the fact that I owe 1000 dollars to my credit card company isn't that bad.

i'm switching over to c-span 2 for a little bit of goodness...

Martin Indyk is on the mic. But that show is over I guess, he just thanked everyone for coming. WHAT? YASSIR ARAFAT DIED? Just kidding, they were showing the throbbing masses around the helicopter with his coffin all morning.

I love watching people mill around and talk on c-span when the regular programming is over. It's the best. ("Try the swordfish, Jerry, it's the best. THE BEST!")

- back to regular c-span -

Alan Reynolds is kickin it homestyle. He's a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

So cspan says the US debt is like 60 percent of the GDP, but Reynolds is saying that the math isn't quite right. He also says that Japans debt is more than ours, or at least relative to their GDP, and yet they don't have high interest rates or a trade defecit.

Japan also owns 700 billion of our debt.

Reynolds keeps on chuckling. He doesn't giggle like Allan Sloan, but still, he's trying. He's talking from Raleigh. Is that where the Cato Institute is? No, I just checked their website, it's based in DC.

HA! Look at this "Hi-Res" picture of Reynolds they have at the Cato site. I mean really, why didn't they put up a big picture?

ok, i'm going to end on that note and publish this in case I faint. I can feel blisters developing on my legs where my thighs brush against each other. I've gone 3.82 miles.

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