Friday, November 12, 2004

the first post

Ok, so it's 8:02 AM and this is my first post. Sweet. Right now I'm walking on a treadmill while I type this. I'm going 2.8 miles per hour, and I've gone .68 miles so far. I'm going to watch c-span while I walk on the treadmill and make comments, it's going to be great. Right now Brian Lamb is rocking the Washington Journal and Allan Sloan, the wall street editor of Newseek, is talking. His voice is ridiculous. He sounds like a combination of Rudy Guliani and a bullfrog. Now I've gone .83 miles, we're really cruising here.

The title of this blog "Moving the Ball Down the Field" comes from a Samantha Power speech, where she is talking about making progress in the fight to end genocide. I think it's a good concept. Think of the last couple elections like -

hold on, i'm moving my bowels -

ok, we're back in business. Think of the Republicans in the last couple elections like Michael Jackson coming out with Bad, and everyone's like, oohh, he's back, but not really, not for long, because Dangerous is coming out, and even if Remember the Time is a pretty rockin song, he's not headed in the right direction. Meanwhile, the Democrats are like Bob Dylan during his Christian phase, and everyone is like, what the heck is going on, but then he comes back and starts rocking again. Before you know it, Michael Jackson is talking about how he doesn't regret sleeping in the same bed with other people's kids, and Bob Dylan is coming out with Time Out of Mind. It's the same deal with the Republicans and the Democrats.

That is the kind of insightful political commentary you can expect here, day in and day out, until my parents kick me out of the house and I don't have access to a treadmill and c-span anymore. But until then...

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