Sunday, December 12, 2004

Picture of the Day: He's No Fran Drescher

When I first heard about the scandal that caused Bernard Kerik to withdraw his name for the post of Secretary of Homeland Security, I thought the whole matter was blown out of proportion. But that was before I saw what his "former housekeeper and nanny" looked like.

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PeterUK said...

I distinctly told the agency 'clean shaven'

1moreslogger said...

The office does cleaner than Kerik! his "Partner" recomended him but Rudy hit it in the Rough this time.

Anonymous said...

It is Thursday noon - Washington Journal was about National Standards for Driver's Licenses(sp?) - from an article on page six of todays 12/16/04 USA Today - the commentater was african american and quite patient. I listened to 15 minutes of calls and they were all off the mark. Nothing on the screen to say the callers bias - comments "If they are going to give Drivers Licenses to people who drink and drive - why can't they give one to me?" "Thank you WIllingboro NJ." or "They need to get rid of racial profiling!" "How does that relate to our question of national Driver's License Standards?" very pregnant pause .... "I am for it, it makes sense." "OK - Thank you ... Indiana ... Are they ever on the mark or even lucid? Where are you mate? On a big vacation from your vacation?

1moreslogger said...

12/17/04 Friday - C-Span Washington Journal was great this morning!!! Brian Lamb!!! was the host and what a difference. He read more papers about the questiosn(s) of the day and almost always asked a follow up quickly.

The followups really got more out of each caller and were not the same for each as far as I could tell. Can we clone him?

The question was should Raines(sp)(Freddie Mac, Rumsfeld and Rehquist be called on to resign? Callers for a change were 50% on the mark - high grades I think - for example a down to earth sounding erudite caller from the midwest I think - said that Rains compensation had gone from $2.0 million per year to $17.0 million due to stock performance. Since accounting improprieties pumped up the firms earnings and thus his compensation it sounds reasonalble to hold his feet to the fire and force him to resign. A caller from Florida after she made her point asked Brian if should could comment about the callin number labels - 1. SUpport Bush 2. Democrat 3. Other . Brian said OK and she said what about Republicans who don't support Bush? Why forcve them into 3. Others? is what she meant I think.

Brian was great - he said we have been over this a number of times and we can't concentrate on this - it is what we think is best for a number of reasons. All of what I say is paraphrase from memory - but the gist was 1. A lot of nuts call and this sorts them out. If we had one number we would only have one view - usuall yonly the critical - this spreads it out. 2. 3> and I I forgot because I am forgetful - I request permission to revise and exztend my remarks at a later time - PLEASE?