Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Grumpy Amazon Reviewer of the Day: Jake FOGERTY

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"You know what "deja vu" refers to, but what about the meaning of "vu deja"? Vu deja can occur when you go to a new place for the first time and you know, that you have never been there before." Jake Fogerty

At first it looks like Jake is going to hate everything, but not so. Wait until you see his review of "I am Sam," where he passionately defends this movie against people who give it a poor review. Of course, Jake's more critical reviews are admittedly his best work, and have a more comprehensive, poetic feel to them (see: Badder Santa: Bad is Only One Way to Describe This Flick). One of my favorite things about Jake's reviews is his tendency to compliment a musician he has just given a one-star review to. After his review of Johnny Cash's America III (Give Me a Break!, Oct. 30, 2000), Jake says, "Love you Mr. Cash. You were one of the best..." Other highlights are Jake's extensive coverage of the "Pickin on" series of bluegrass cover discs, especially his review of "Pickin on U2" (You Two, Will Agree! August 13, 2001).


Anonymous said...

My favourite is Jake's review of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ!! It rated a big HAH outburst. People seem to dig his Blue Grass Reviews 23 of 26??? What's up here?

Anonymous said...

I loved all his reviews. They were the best. I hope he writes many more. I can hardly wait.

*Just joking around. I stumbled onto this site by accident through a silly Goggle search of myself. I was surprised to see this.

Thanks for taking note. It just goes to show, that you never know where your BS will end up.

Jake Fogerty
PS. I'm not grumpy. Just too honest!