Tuesday, December 07, 2004

12/7 Senate Jam Session, cutting back on treadmill action

This has been a pretty interesting session. Byron "Allen" Dorgan, a
Democrat, just finished talking about protecting American industry
against the exportation of jobs- something I don't entirely agree with
because I think you should worry about people having jobs in other
countries too. And to be honest, I care more about a fourteen year-old
in China that has to work as a prostitute than I do about some factory
worker in North Dakota that can't afford cable. I mean, I care about
both of them, and it's a tragedy that anyone has to live without cable,
but if I had to pick one to help first I'm sticking with the adolescent
Chinese sex worker.

And then some Republican Senator who's name I missed (Gordon Smith
maybe?) just mentioned the importance of alternative and renewable
energy sources, so props to him. So this has been a great bipartisan
session for me.

Now they are playing classical music while the Senate gets ready to
take care of the intelligence bill. I think C-Span should have a little
caption that tells what classical song they are playing. Why not, you

Also, I have (temporarily) subtly modified the premise of this blog, in
that instead of walking on a treadmill while watching C-SPAN, I now eat
fried eggs. All the sweating was getting to me, and I think the eggs
are good for my skin.


jj mollo said...

We in the United States reward hard work and make continuous sacrifices to promote productivity. We also take risks and invest money in ventures we believe in. For instance, I, and many other people, spent years and lots of money getting an education. I did this for many reasons, but mostly to make myself more valuable in the job market. In economic terms, I invested in capital.

India, on the other hand, has spent years pursuing socialist policies and sustaining corrupt political systems that have drained their economy. Combine that with reckless population growth. Their desperate people are willing to work for peanuts.

Some smart people figured out a way to get people in India to do my job for less than I'm willing to take. The capital I invested is now worthless, but is the economy of India better off? Maybe if they change their ways. Otherwise, everyone suffers.

jj mollo said...

Go back to the sweating. It's better for you in the long run and probably better for your skin. Not only that, it promotes the circulation of blood in the brain area.