Tuesday, December 07, 2004

dj cee-span / if a bill got an attitude...

Yo! C-SPAN is playing the classical song sampled on
"Look at this Face" by Handsome Boy Modeling
. Sweet! Any song with Chris Elliott in it has me at hello.

I wish there was a C-SPAN 4 that would play rap songs during the
interstitial sequences. I think that would get more young people
interested in the political process. Or maybe politicians could start
juicing up their speeches with rap slang. Rep. Duncan "Hines" Hunter
could be like, "Mr. President, unless we can ensure this intelligence
bill will not interfere with the military chain of command, we need to
drop it like it's hot."

(Oh, by the way, the Republican who was talking about renewable energy
was Craig "Mack" Thomas, from Wyoming, not Gordon "Lonnie" Smith.)


Kate said...

I looove Handsome Boy Modeling School! Prince Paul rocks.

How is it that you get to sit home all day watching C-SPAN? Unemployed? Retired? Independently wealthy?

BTW, that link is broken.

Dan Bana said...

kate - thanks for the heads up on that broken link! Prince Paul is the best. as for how I have the time to watch c-span all day, I could really go into details without doing severe damage to my own self esteem. Suffice it to say that I'm 'underemployed.'