Sunday, February 13, 2005

This Train is Bound for Coronaries / Late Night Social Security Fireworks

I stumbled across this place in New Jersey that ships Pork Rolls, aka Taylor Ham, to anywhere in the United States. If you aren't familiar with this Jersey treasure, this New York Times article will fill in the details.

(Today's song of the day is Voluntary Hospital Escape by Mark Mothersbaugh, from the movie Bottle Rocket. I imagine that it's the type of music you would hear over the PA system while riding the Pork Roll Xpress.)

You also might want to check out Hometown-Treats: You're Home Away From Home. They ship local snacks that dislocated people can't find in their new surroundings. Awesome.

Last night at 2 in the morning I watched some of a house committee hearing with John Snow, the Treasury Secretary. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (I'd link to her web site but it will be more fun for you to google "Tubbs" and "representative"), Dem from Ohio, was really tearing into him. It was the most exciting thing I have ever seen that had to do with social security.

At one point, Snow was like, "Shut up!" and Tubbs was all, "No way, you shut up!" and then Snow was like, "Talk to the hand, Tubbsy." Not really, but trust me, there was tension in the air. As soon as they put that hearing on the C-SPAN web site I'm going to post some audio clips from it. It was some spicy stuff. Rep. Tubbs Jones is a sparkplug.

How is the larger font treating you? I figure, why not, right?

Also, check out this C-SPAN Radio blog.

Quote of the Day:

"Their dad was sick and dying of cancer, and all he wanted was a Taylor Ham sandwich. We got it out to him right away."
- Donna Beers

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