Friday, February 18, 2005

Internet Link of the Day! Bless Yourself / Proof God Exists

Treat yourself to this discussion from the "Secular Lifestyle" forum of a web page for people who don't believe in god. The topic in question is what to do when someone sneezes, since saying "God Bless You" is an unappealing option to these people, or at least to "Vinnie," who started the conversation.

Speaking of whom, I can't help but find it comical that out there in the world is an athiest named Vinnie who gets angry whenever someone sneezes. Also, I'll sleep easier knowing that somewhere out there is an athiest who refers to themself as "Texas Rose."

If there isn't a god then who filled the internet with these gems? Because it's chock full of them, that's for sure. Which leads me to what Thomas Aquinas referred to as "The Vinnie Proof" for the existence of god. Obviously, since this was written over 700 years ago this was written about a different Vinnie, but I think it's still as meaningful today as it was back then...

The Vinnie Proof

I. If there isn't a god then human beings are purely biological creatures (as opposed to partly spiritual creatures).

II. If humans are purely biological creatures they are ultimately interested in nothing but the survival of their genes.

III. I'm interested in Vinnie the Grumpy Italian Athiest, and the very thought of him scowling at someone who has just sneezed makes me feel happy to be alive.

IV. Therefore, since I'm genuinely interested in something which most certainly does nothing to increase the chances of the survival of my genes, I'm not a purely biological creature. Therefore, I am partly a spiritual creature.

V. If part of my existence is spiritual, there must exist a non-biological part of the universe.

VIN. Since biological means "related to how life operates according to the laws of physics," non-biological must mean "related to a force unrestricted by the laws of physics."

VIINI. Any force unrestricted by the laws of physics is God.

VINNIE. Therefore, since a force exists which is unrestricted by the laws of physics, God exists.

Thomas Aquinas, 1274 (Terracina, Italy)

(Today's song of the day is "Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends" from the soundtrack to Rushmore. I thought the organ fit the religious theme.)


Pedro Ditka said...

You, and Benedict Vol. 16 have together restored my faith in the Lord! I once read that sneezes can project up to 100mph...which makes you wonder why the Jesse Oroscos and Al Leiters of the world put their throwing arms through such misery...


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