Saturday, August 12, 2006

Looking for the peanuts

Dad: Should we let him keep the Tivoli radio honey?

Mom: If he'll use it.

Me: I think you guys should keep it if you'll use it.

Dad: We got it for the new bathroom, to match the clock we got since that lady from church overslept.

Me: What happened?

Mom: She didn't use a watch and she was late for her solo in the choir, and I was trying to get her to go but the clock on the thermostat was 40 minutes behind in the choir room, so I thought it would be nice to have a clock in the bathroom, in case we ever had guests. I gave her one of my watches.

Dad: She was a little wacko anyway because she had a kid without getting married and never got a job and she home schooled him.

Mom: She was actually famous in Canada for lobbying for home schooling and doing radio interviews about it.

Dad: How did she find out about our church? Kofi Annan?

Mom: That wasn't his name.

Dad: Who was that African guy? Boatung?

Mom: That's wasn't it.

Dad: Where are the peanuts?

Mom: Are they back here?

Dad: Do we have to take the exit for Kennebunkport?

Mom: No. Why are you holding your hand like that?

Dad: I'm waiting for the peanuts.

Dad: You ever have Popeye chicken?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: Hot huh?

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